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Bromine Tabs
Like chlorine? Bromine is an easy to use sanitizer with several unique advantages in a pool or a spa.
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  • Contains a small amount of chlorine to make bromine fast acting in water
  • Lower odor than chlorinating compounds


  • Effective in various pH ranges
  • Ideal for indoor pools
  • Lasts longer than unstablized chlorine in the sun
  • Safe to use with any chlorinating product in the water


  • Fill bromine dispenser with Bromine Tabs and adjust rate to achieve 3 to 5 ppm
  • Adding bromine tablets to the skimmer is not recommended.
  • Test the bromine residual in the pool water frequently

Available Sizes

  • 4 lb Pail
  • 15 lb Pail
  • 25 lb Pail
  • 50 lb Pail

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