Caribbean Blue
Chlor-Guard Granules
An ideal sanitizer to apply to top off those chlorine levels. When added daily this product can be used as a primary sanitizer in any pool type.
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  • The highest concentration available in a soluble stabilized chlorine
  • Near neutral chlorinating compound


  • Very fine granules are completely soluble in water
  • Strong algae killer
  • Easy to use; Ideal for maintenance in small pools


  • Apply as needed to maintain a chlorine residual between 1-3 ppm
  • Always apply to surface of pool water with pump running.
  • Maintain levels of Caribbean Blue SunBlock between 30-50 ppm

Available Sizes

  • 2 lb Bottle
  • 4 lb Pail
  • 10 Pail
  • 25 lb Pail
  • 50 lb Pail

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