Caribbean Blue
Forever Clear Shock
Powerful, effective, economical and proven. Forever Clear Shock maintains a beautiful sparkle in water. Can also quickly return clarity when the pool does not go according to plan.
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  • Does not cause over stabilization in pool water; contains no cyanuric acid.
  • Buffers pH and alkalinity
  • Closer to pH neutral than similar shock products


  • Requires less upkeep than liquid chlorine or similar shock treatments
  • Prevents chalky water caused by similar shock products
  • Overtime, may prevent sand filters from channeling
  • Helps maintain Forever Clear Enhancer level


  • Apply product when pool is not in use and with the pump running
  • For non bleachable surfaces, add product to pool by broadcasting over surface of the water
  • All other surfaces, its recommended to dissolve Forever Clear Shock in clean water before adding to pool
  • Application of this product is 1 pound per 10,000 gallons of water
  • Re-entry into pool is permitted once chlorine levels are less than 3 ppm

Available Sizes

  • 1 lb bags
  • 25 lb pail

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