Caribbean Blue
Spa Bromine Tabs
Bromine Tabs introduce a steady stream of disinfectant power to keep the water clean and safe.
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  • Slow dissolving, 1" tablets
  • Use with Spa Bromine Builder for beautiful water


  • Help to keep your spa sparkling clean and inviting
  • Dissolves very slowly for consistent addition without refilling or reapplication
  • Works well in a wide variety of pH ranges


  • Apply Bromine Builder according to use directions
  • Introduce Bromine Tabs into the spa in a dispensing device and adjust to maintain 2-4 ppm of bromine
  • Amount of tablets used will vary on spa make/model, frequency of use, level of bromine maintained, etc

Available Sizes

  • 1.5 lb cylinders
  • 4 lb pails

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